Masters and PhDs

Master's Degree

Business Management - Strategy

Business Management - Organizational Behavior

Financial Management

Business Administration Marketing

Finance - Financial Engineering and Risk Management

Public Administration - Budget and Public Finance

Government Management - Development and Human Resources

Government Management - Design of government agencies

Government Management - Transformation Management

Public Administration - Public Policy

Management of government - financial and economic organizations

Computer Engineering - Software

Industrial Engineering - Quality and Productivity Management

Industrial Engineering - Financial Systems

Industrial Engineering - Macroeconomic Social Systems

Economic Sciences - Economic Planning

Economics - Economics and E-Commerce

Entrepreneurship - New Business

School of Islamic Education - Islamic Ethics

Islamic mysticism

The Sociology of Revolution


Social Science Research


Persian Language and Literature


Ph.D. Degree

Sufism and Islamic Sufism

Sociology - Economics and Development

Political Sociology

Sociological - cultural

Sociology - Social Groups

Sociology - Social Issues of Iran

Persian Language and Literature

Persian Literature Language - Rich Literature

Economic Sciences - Economic Development

Economics - Islamic Economics


Government-Adaptive Management and Development

Government Management - Human Resource Management

Industrial Financial Management

Islamic Theology and Philosophy - Islamic Philosophy and Theology


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