Some of the activities of Public Relations Office


What follows is a review of some of the activities of Public Relations Office:

1.      Achieving the first rank in ANA (Islamic Azad University News Agency) News Agency by the head of Presidency and Public Relations Office in 2009 and continuing to do so until the present;

2.      Broadcasting a 3-part program introducing Dehaghan Branch in Isfahan Province TV Chanel;

3.      Establishing strong relations between the university and other public organizations in the county;

4.      Publishing the reports of the activities of Dehaghan Branch in the national press media (Hamshahri newspaper, Afarinesh newspaper, Farhikhtegan newspaper, Barge Farhang Journal, Chahar Baghe Andisheh newspaper, Nasle Farda newspaper, Nesfe Jahan newspaper, Isfahan Jamejam newspaper, and Navid Showra newspaper);

5.      Preparing and distributing brochures to share information about the activities of Dehaghan Branch;

6.      Making arrangements for the president of Dehaghan Branch to deliver speeches in the Friday Prayer ceremonies, on International Quds Day, on 22 Bahman anniversary, etc. to stress the services of Dehaghan Branch;

7.      Broadcasting audio reports in Isfahan radio of the activities of Dehaghan Branch;

8.      Respecting and propagating the culture of appropriate treatment of clients in Dehaghan Branch;

9.      Making arrangements for the president of Dehaghan Branch to have an interview with Isfahan radio about the main goals, performance, and broad policies of Islamic Azad University and of Dehaghan Branch;

10. Making arrangements with the representative of IRIB Isfahan TV for broadcasting TV reports of the various activities of Dehaghan Branch;

11. Holding meetings of the Administrative Council at Dehaghan Branch to improve relations between the university’s staff and management;

12. Sharing the news of the university via news media (ANA, VatNews, Nesfe Jahan newspaper, Fars News, Farhikhtegan newspaper, Afarinesh newspaper, Isfahan Jamejam newspaper, etc.);

13. Following up on the design and creation of the university’s website and that of Public Relations Office.

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