History of the Central Library
The Central Library of the university was established in 1988. The library’s collection of books is approximately 99000 volumes, and it has provided valuable services to users both on-campus and off-campus during its activity years. Library members include not only professors, students, and university staff but also those who refer from other universities and organizations, who are only allowed to use the resources inside the library.
Library Sections
The library has different sections as follows:
Technical Services Section
The most important specialized section of the library is the technical services section. Activities such as classifying, cataloging, indexing and preparing references to arrange on the shelves are done in this section. 
Circulation Section
The circulation section has the highest number of users. Activities such as lending, renewing, and reserving books, and registering new users are done in this section. This section provides computerized lending, returning, and renewal of books and also searching library references.  
Acquisition Section
In this section, all the activities related to the purchase of books, magazines etc. are done. Library references are collected by two methods:
1. Purchasing: Most references are purchased from fairs, especially international fairs. References are purchased according to the educational fields offered in the university, the needs of the library, and also upon the requests of the library users and members.
2. Donating: Library members and/or originations donate their references to the library in some cases.
Information Section
Information section is one of the most important sections of the library that consists of 3 subsections:
1. Reference Section: In this section, about 6400 volumes of reference books such as glossaries, encyclopedias, guidebooks, biographies, yearbooks etc. are kept, which can only be used inside the library itself and are not to be lended.
2. Periodicals Section: In this section, about 500 titles of Persian publications and about 20 titles of English publications and also some high circulation newspapers of the country are kept.
3. Research Theses and Projects Section: In this section, there are more than 4100 titles of research theses and 66 titles of research projects and also about 200 electronic books, which are to be used inside this section only.  
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